This page is dedicated to all the past booster members, although they are not alumni, it is though their hours of hard work and dedication that make everything we do possible. Whether we're on the field, the stage, or a trip to the many destinations we've been able to go, we wouldn't be there without you guys. THANK YOU from each and every member of this program; past, present, and future for all you guys have done to make sure this program has had continued success. 

 1998 - 2001/2005 - 2006

Paula Adderton - Board Member


Facebook: Paula Adderton


Dee Dee Owens Board Member

Vice President 2004-2005/2011-Present

President 2005-2007

Facebook: Dee Dee Owens


Stanja Steriti - Board Member

Recording Sec./President 2002-2003

President 2003-2005

Facebook: Stanja Steriti


Mary Patterson - Board Member

President 2007-2009

Facebook: Mary Patterson

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