About Us


The McArthur Band Alumni Association is an organization of men and woman who's lives have been impacted in a positive manor by the events, peers and staff of the McArthur High School Band Program who wish to try and assist the program in any and all ways possible, to ensure it's continued success and growth in it's mission to provide students a comprehensive and well balanced education in music.

I. Purpose

To support the band program.

1. The McArthur Band Alumni Association will support the band by assisting the school, program and booster association by helping to raise funds though new membership and fund raising opportunities.

2. The association shall adhere by a strict set of rules to assure the association does all within it's power to help the program, school, director and booster association to provide a stronger, comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience that will translate into a life long love music and a life long music learning experience.

II. Structure

1. The Alumni Association shall be made up of a board including a president, vice president, secretary, historian, and a minimum of two special advisers including the Band Director and one member from the Band Booster Association Board.

2. Officer Duties.

President: Overseas the association and it's events, serves as a liaison between the school and the association, is in charge of coordinating fund raising events, and the scheduling and approval of events.

Vice President: Helps the president to oversee smooth and proper operation of the association, and is responsible for membership dues.

Secretary: Responsible for keeping the contact information of the members, minutes of meetings, and helps to ensure smooth operation of the association.

Historian: Responsible for gathering pictures, video and memorabilia from past and present to documents events.

Special Advisers: Advisers will be on hand to ensure the Association is (1) benefiting the program and helping it to expand though fund raising and community involvement (2) doing all within it's power to help the school provide a complete music learning experience, (3) To ensure the Association is providing adequate support of the band booster association, and (4) to ensure the Association is following all policies, procedures and regulations of the school board of Broward County and McArthur High School.

3. Membership Eligibility:

Membership is open to any persons who have finished high school and have completed one year of McArthur Band, Band Camp though Banquet. Membership is also open to past directors and staff.

All members of the Association must be in good standing with the Director of Bands and it is recommended that you complete an ONLINE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION to be cleared to participate in any joint Band and Alumni Association events, if you do not complete this for you will not be allowed to attend these events NO EXCEPTIONS.

III. Annual Events

1. Annual Events of the Alumni Association include

A Minimum of three meetings, one prior to the school year, one at the end of football season, and one leading into the final month of school. These meetings will be to determine future events, fund raising, officer elections and to discuss any business regarding the Association.

*Homecoming football game: The homecoming football game will feature an Alumni Band, Special Band T-Shirts, and food to be eaten at halftime while watching the homecoming halftime show.

Alumni Band Dinner/Reunion: The Alumni Association will coordinate a dinner event each year.

( *These events are in the process of school approval and will take effect for the 2011-2012 School Year)

2. New Events

If a member of the Association wishes to plan an event, the event must first be presented to with a detailed outline of the Date, Time, Location and estimated cost, to the Association President. If the event is an ALUMNI ONLY EVENT not involving the school, it's name, venues or students, the event may be approved by the Association President, If the event involves the school, it's name, venues or students in any way, it must be Approved be the Association President, who will present it to the Director of Band who will review it for approval and get the proper Administration approval if necessary.

(No member of the Association shall go over the head of the Association President or the Band Director, any member not adhering to this rule will have his of her membership revoked.)

3. Events Held By The Band Program.

All Alumni members are invited to the Annual Band Banquet held at the end of the school year, members are also invited and encouraged to attend all band concerts and FBA Assessments

(Entry fees may apply)

Conclusion: This Association is designed with the long term goal of helping to build a stronger program and a greater outreach towards the community and members of the Association who's lives have been impacted in a positive way by their time spent in McArthurs Band Program.

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